Childen learn and grow through play. Their engagement, curiosity and eagerness to learn is evident when children:

  • play, have structured activities and short fun lessons
  • explore their senses in early learning centers

Children explore their environment through stimulating centers and enriching activities:

  • expressive arts and design
  • construction and imaginary play
  • literacy
  • sensory play
  • sand or water
  • games and puzzles
  • ICT
  • role play 
  • numeracy 
  • outdoor play and physical education

"Learning by doing" is carried out, in one way, by the frequent trips we take.
The children take trips during the year to cultural events, post office, market, zoo, library, churches, art museums, the Parliament house.

Trips are a rich resource for:

  • starting a child's imaginary play
  • understanding their world through a real experience
  • learning vocabulary, English and Finnish.

During your visit, we will be happy to explain how young children learn English in our program.

Childrens´s Accomplishments are assessed and shared with parents twice per year in a private parent-teacher meeting. The report covers all areas of development for the young child.